USA Style Democracy; Kill All Supporters of Their Government

Friends of Syria

The terrorist group called Jabhat al-Nasra a part of al-Qaeda who are fighting the Syrian government with support from USA.

The US know that the Syrian People will never vote for the US backed opposition, so their answer to this is to kill them.  Is this democracy??? No elections just kill. The US will never win this war in Syria. The world knows exactly what the US and Israel are up to now.  Obama will face war crimes for this, even if the US and Israel have not signed up to the War Crimes Tribunal, they should be arrested as soon as they step into another country for their crimes. Others have been convicted for less.

Jabhet Al-nousra published terrorism and extremist ideology in the Syrian society in order to topple the regime in Syria.

In this video

Three Syrian citizens killed, because supported the government

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