Peace: SHUT THE TURKISH BORDER and Keep the Terrorist Butchers out of Syria

Friends of Syria

Any country who is serious about world peace should stop arming terrorists and make Turkey close the border with Syria, instead of sending more and more terrorists into the country to butcher the innocent citizens that Assad’s army is protecting.

This film shows the next batch of terrorist ready to enter Syria to kill the innocent. When are human rights groups going to make Turkey shut the border and stop sending these war criminals from around the world into Syria.

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Germany’s Interior Minister says Germans Teamed up with Syria Terrorists

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich has said that a number of German nationals have teamed up with the foreign-backed militants in Syria.     In an exclusive interview with Germany’s Der Spiegel weekly magazine, Friedrich officially confirmed for the first time that there were German-born gunmen inside Syria fighting against the government.   Friedrich particularly... Continue Reading →

FSA Killing Syrian Citizen

Friends of Syria

One more brutal killing of Syrian citizens by the Obama backed FSA/Al Qaeda and every other terrorist group on this planet he is supporting.

US dollars are funding these monsters, now Obama is accusing Assad for using chemical weapons when we already have proof that is the US backed terrorists who have the chemicals from Turkey and have threatened to use then against the west.

How can anyone be so stupid as to believe the lies that Obama and Cameron are spreading about weapons of mass destruction.

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Obama’s FSA Use Children as Human Shields

Friends of Syria

More and more children are being used by the FSA which is Child abuse and a war crime. These terrorists funded by the USA should be stopped, not supported with more money.

We already heard from Madeleine Albright after the Iraq war that the USA have no regard, for the killing of children in war. Now we see the same continuing theme in Syria.

The USA will sacrifice lives for power and for Israel.


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