Friends of Syria

The US and Europe have supplied militants fighting inside Syria against President Bashar al-Assad with arms from Croatia, a new report says.

Since last November, the US and its European allies have sent 3,000 tons of weapons in 75 planeloads from Zagreb to Syria militants via Jordan and Turkey, Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List said Thursday.

The report said weapons, which date back to the the time of former Yugoslavia, have been paid for by Saudi Arabia at the request of the US.

These shipments, which include rocket launchers, recoil-less guns and the M79 anti-tank weapon, have enabled militants to advance in north Syria over the past few weeks after months of stalemate.

The Croatian paper added that the weapons used by Syria militants also came from “several other European countries including Britain”

According to the report, British, American and French military advisers have also been operating in countries bordering Syria…

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