Friends of Syria

At least 20 people confirmed dead and many more injured when a terrorist car bomb was detonated close to the Russian Embassy in Damascus.

A terrorist bombing took place on Thursday morning in al-Thawra Street in the surrounding of al-Mazraa neighborhood in Damascus.

SANA reporter said that the bombing, which took place in a densely populated area near a crossroad of main streets, killed and injured a large number of civilians.

He added that huge material damage was caused to the houses of citizens in the area surrounding the bombing, adding that the victims are civilians and school students.





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Friends of Syria

This is what the west are supporting when they say they are helping the Syrian People, by paying  Al Qaeda/FSA terrorists to torture and kill innocent people and committing war crimes on a daily basis.

Brutally tortured Syrian citizen at the hands of terrorists. Crimes, hatred and torture practiced against the sons of this nation amid media blackout, these handful of terrorists, their goal is to wreak havoc and destruction.

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