Another Australian Terrorist

This man goes by the name of  Moe Gee and whose family probably moved to Australia for a better life or entered Australia as refugees. 


Moe Gee lives in Sydney Australia and probably attends the Lakemba Mosque, which teaches fundamentalism. In the demonstrations we have seen in Sydney, the pro-Assad supporters have had peaceful rallies. On the other hand a demonstration form the Lakemba Mosque was made up of fundamentalist muslims, with backgrounds from everywhere, except Syria, calling for the death of Bashar Al Assad.

Australia has to get serious about doing something about this mosque which is a breeding ground for terrorists.


Friends of Syria

Syrian rebels burn and plunder religious sites-Human Rights Watch – RT

536939_474911202573189_1070982763_nSyrian rebels have looted and burned minority religious sites in Northern Syria, US-based Human Rights Watch says. The attacks highlight the increasingly sectarian nature of the conflict as the bloodshed continues unabated.

The three incidents took place in November and December of last year in religiously mixed areas.

Rebels looted two Christian churches in separate villages in the relatively peaceful western governorate of Latakia, local witnesses told the rights watchdog.

They also destroyed a Shiite ‘husseiniya’ – a religious site devoted to Hussein, a martyr in Shiite tradition – in Idlib governorate.


In all three cases, Human Rights Watch found evidence showing the attacks on the religious sites were directly connected to the areas coming under the control of the armed rebels.

After rebels took control of Jdeideh village in Latakia on December 11, a local resident told the…

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