Why is this Fundamentalist Terrorist Allowed to Drum up Support in Australia?

This man has been on a terrorist list, been arrested, locked up released and now he is drumming up terrorist support again. Why do the Australian Government allow this to happen.

Zaky Mallah is Lebanese, but willing to go and fight with Al Qaeda in Syria. It seems that any chance he can get to fight with Al Qaeda he will take it. He admitted on the Insight Program that he wanted to go and fight with the FSA which are killing innocent people every day. He is not even Syrian just another fundamentalist ready to go and fight and Kill for the fun of it.

The video below shows that he has on the terrorist watch list for years and has been in prison on terrorist charges,  now he is acting like Osama Bin Laden making videos in support of terrorism.

The video below is of the Insight Program where he declares he wants to go and fight with the FSA/Al Qaeda in Syria even though he is Lebanese. He will fight anywhere Al Qaeda are fighting. Take a look at the two women at the back of the audience wearing FSA scarves. They are not Syrian, maybe Indonesian, what right do these people have to tell the Syrian people who should rule their country. The Syrians in Syria all support Bashar Al Assad and it seems all those who don’t come from outside Syria.

Also the so called Doctor wearing the terrorist FSA scarf has a dubious background. From what the Syrian people have told me his qualification in Syria would not make him a doctor. Seems he lied over his qualifications when entering Australia. So many people enter Australia on false documentation and letting people get their own police reports from their country of origin is a joke as in most countries these can be bought and are not worth the paper they are written on.

Watch Insight Here

 This new film below shows him again acting like Osama Bin Laden, preaching terrorism. He should be locked up before he gets more people to follow him. The Lakemba Mosque seems to be a hot bed of fundamental muslims.


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