Australian Terrorist Fighting with Al Qaeda in Syria



This is Zaky Mallah from Parramatta in Sydney Australia, who has gone off to Syria to fight with the Terrorists. Once a Terrorist always a Terrorist. Remember this man will become a murderer and a war criminal, joining a group who is murdering innocent people and butchering children. His mother has even crocheted his a hat and scarf in terrorist colours. This will be replaced with the Al Qaeda uniform, when he starts killing.

This is the diary of a fundamentalist muslim from Sydney who is being supported by the Australian Government to kill innocent people. This is his story.

27 th August 2012

*SALAMS everyone, Inshallah after tomorrow, Im flying to Turkey and heading towards the Syrian border to help aid my brothers and sisters there. My flight leaves Wendsday morning at 9.30am. ASIO has been informed and all has been cleared. The Turkish Consulate has issued me a Visa (but might have to get it at the Turkish airport because of online technical difficulties). Hamdolilah everything has

been so smooth for me in relation to this massive trip. I feel its my duty to leave everything behind for 2 months and aid- on humanitarian grounds, the brothers and sisters needing help. I hope Turkey grants me entry at the airport Inshallah! I will post my account details on Thursday for anyone who wants to donate money to help out. I ask Allah (SWT) to make my trip easy for me and forgive me my sins. Please, no comments. “Make Dua”.
Salams, Zaky Mallah.
28th August 2012
The time has come to finalize everything and pack my luggage. 9.30am my Plane departs Inshallah to Turkey to the Syrian Boarder. May Allah rewards everyone who has helped me and made my trip thus far very smoothly.
31st August 2012
When I arrıved at Kılıs (near the Syrıan Boarder), I asked the bus drıver where ıs the refugee camp? He Saıd I dont talk! Then I was left wıth my luggage at a long road to the boarder all on my own not knwoıng where to go. Then a brother who Identıfed hımself as Free Syrıan Army helped me get to the boarder by walk. We had a long chat about the sıtuatıon walkıng to the boarder. I gave hım 100 Lıra to help hım vısıt hıs loved famıly. I feel good but stıll feel useless walah.
1st September 2012
* Salams everybody. I have crossed the boarder into Syria last night. I met up with the Free Syrian Army and helped me cross over. I am heading to Hallab Inshallah. I have videos and photos I will be uploading soon. There is no internet down here as Assad forces have destroyed all communications. Make Dua for me.
Salam ala kom.
As we know the situation in Syria is in dire need of serious help. I, as an Australian have done my part by psychically- catching a plane, head to Turkey and enter the boarder into Syria. The Turkish/ Syrian Boarder was the most terrifying thing that I had to encounter at this stage of my trip. We had to run into, from the Turkish

Boarder into Syrian as Turkish Army are stationed at checkpoints shooting warning shoots at anyone who comes into Syria and anyone who goes out. I entered Syria at roundabout Midnight.

I feel it is my duty, as an Australian and as a Muslim to help out on humanitarian grounds the brothers and sisters in need of help. I sold my car to help pay the cost of my ticket. Till now, many family members dont know that I am here. Friends were also unaware of departure from Sydney. They were all shocked. Australian media is also unaware of my situation.

Every human who has a intellect of human decency has a duty to fullfill towards this Syrian crisis. The world has turned there back on the Syrian people and this is very sad indeed.

Donations are seriously needed. Anyone who has a heart should donate money to help the Syrians in serious need.

I plan to stay here for 2 months and then head back home and finish my university studies.

I am heading to Allepo later today. The place is a war torn zone! Shellings everywhere and Martyrs in dozens.

I hope Allah makes my trip here smooth and my return back to Australia easy.

This is my situation. The situation is critical!

UPDATE: I am heading to Allepo in an Hour. 70 Shuhadaa were martyred yesterday alone. The FSA are running through with me the situation down there. There is a great chance that we could be hit! Inshallah- make duaa for me and for the Platoon that is taking me to Allepo in an Hour. I need your support (as I am the second Australian Muslim after Sh Mazjoub who is going to Allepo on my own [without friends]).
That maybe the last message sent from Zaky as with most people that enter Syria illegally to fight with the Terrorists, they end up dead. This is what happens with the foreign media putting all this propaganda into young mens heads. To make things a bit clearer, this man probably attends the Lakemba Mosque which is fundamentalist, as we have seen with their demonstrations, in favour of the terrorists in Syria.
This young man will be lucky if he leaves Syria alive. There are also young men from Britain going to fight with the terrorists thanks to the propaganda in the media.



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  1. I’m waiting for the demands that the Australian taxpayer provides transport “home” for him should he get injured. Oh, and if he’s killed, the demands, not tto far into the future, from Sarah Twodads or someone similar looking for votes that his name be added to the wall at the War Memorial in Canberra.


  2. Australis is helping recruit these death agents… Shame shame, is this the country that calls for democracy in Syria?! You go and see what Syria is like, beatiful, clean, open, secular and comes with free education… The Aus government will need to start rethinking their supper of terrorism and to stop being double-faced…


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