Another Example of the Western Media Helping the Terrorists

Here is proof that the FSA terrorists working from inside the Turkish Refugee Camps as headquarters fort their terrorist activities. They are going back and forwards from the refugee camp to Syria, smuggling their weapons into the country, using hidden tunnels.

You will see them asking for more money from their leader, saying they have none, but as we know they have been given millions from the USA, UK, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, so who has this money? There are so many terrorist groups in Syria now and we have seen Al Qaeda with the heavy weapons that the FSA say they don’t have, but they contradict themselves, by saying yesterday, that they shot down the Syrian Airforce plane with a surface to air missile.

Once again we see a western journalist filming once sided biased news, used as a tool to spread the terrorist news.

As we have seen time and time again, these people butchering and murdering innocent people, but the media only shows these terrorists. Don’t they realise that while they are around, anyone who is pro Assad would be killed if they spoke to the media.


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