Sky TV Allowed into Syria and Then Spend all Their Time with Terrorists

You can’t wonder why the Syrian Government are strict with the foreign press when as soon as they are allowed in the country, they make straight for the terrorists.

They don’t care about the Syrian people that are slaughtered by these animals, because not once have you seen them interview one single regular person on the street in the past year.

They would rather show you these terrorists who are putting on a show for the cameras.

Look at their faces carefully as one day these butchers will face war crimes. The ones with their faces covered know they are doing wrong, that is why they hide their faces.

They are pathetic making friends with children by giving them sweets.

Sky News are always saying, “join the discussion on facebook or twitter” but when you try to do that, they will delete any comment which does not go with their biased agenda of war propaganda.


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