Free Syrian Army Shoot Un-armed Civilian in Cold Blood.

Free Syrian Army, shoot an innocent un-armed civilian in cold blood,  just because he supports his government. He along with another 22 million+ who support Bashar Al Assad. These butchers are chanting that they are going to kill all of them.

These butchers have been given the go ahead to kill in the name of “Freedom” (USA) This is just what Hillary Clinton is paying them to do. Kill innocent unarmed civilians across Syria and then she claims she is doing it for the people of Syria. What people? What Syrians? She wants to kill everyone, just to get her own way. The woman has gone crazy!! Killing around the world, innocent, men women and children. “FOR WHAT” Tell us Hillary, why are you killing all these people?

You tell us you want Bashar Al Assad to stand down and face human rights trials, for killing his own people, but in fact he is not killing his own people. YOU ARE and it is you who should face war crimes trials for ordering your butchers to go out an KILL. You will go down as the MOST EVIL WOMAN IN HISTORY.


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  1. It is the same way as it was with Libya.
    Nothing is offiicially left from the accusations of :
    Gaddafi is bombing his own people,
    Gaddafi forces committed atrocities against civilians or the so called “freedom fighters” which were terrorists and traitors to their nation.
    What is left officially ist the “threat to commit a bood bath to Benghazi”, without any substance or linguistically base.
    But NATO&Co are not crazy !
    It is just cold blood murder to reach a goal.
    And the western so called “free press” is just the mouth piece of neocolonial capitalism.
    But the worst is, that for example AU, AI, HRW are part of the instituional corruption of capitalism.
    Or to say it in a religious way: they worship the “Golden calf”.
    May be muslims know that phrase too.
    It is the common denominator of that system.


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