Free Syrian Army: We Want Money, As We Already have Freedom to Kill.

The Terrorists are only interested in making money; everything they are doing is for money. They are not interested in Freedom, the are not interested in negotiating, they just want money. After all they are just criminals that have started taking up arms, because they were paid to. They were paid to kill innocent people from outside sources, now they are getting greedy and kidnapping and killing for money.

This is the story of what is happening in Syria to the innocent people going about their own daily life. The people that Bashar Al Asad is protecting. This incident happened on 29th March 2012. This is a real life story of a terrorist kidnapping as it unfolds. This is happening all the time now, a few weeks back, a young man on his way to work was kidnapped and murdered. The police found his headless body and once it was returned to the family, the terrorists demanded a ransom, to return the head. The family paid the ransom so that the body could be buried complete.

This is the transcript of a discussion on how the Syrian people are reacting to this latest event. You will see that the only person who is cracking down on these terrorists is Bashar Al Assad, but the west are demanding him to stop. Now see what you think. Who will stop these killers. This is a conversation between desperate Syrian people. You can see the frustration in their language.

 Friend of Victim:   NATO rats just kidnapped our friend’s father for ransom! xxxxx phoned me about that and he was so fucking nervous!!!

person 1:   OH DAMN NO :((((( I wish the best :((( what suckers!!

FV:  assholes!

person 1:  yes… hopefully it will end good! i am SO DAMN PISSED.

FV:  they called the police and they’ve mobilized! I hope they catch them.

person 1:  hopefully!!! inshallah!! I`ll do pray

person 2:   Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

person 1:   I hope it will end soon. and they remove these terrorists finally from Allepo: I can’t understand why this is happening.

person 3:   OMG…..I hope he will be ok…..xx

person 4:   OMG

person 5:   Shit xxxxx, do you know who is behind it, should kidnap their entire family and give them an hour before you slaughter them all.

FV:   pffffff it’s not that easy, assholes from country sides and idleb come here on the city’s outskirts where all the plants, factories are and kidnap business men like that guy’s father!

person 5:   Then go to Idleb and kill people randomly, you’ll eventually get one. Just wipe the entire town, fuck them.  If they can’t live peacefully with everyone else, it’s time to die.

person 6:   So sorry. If I had a lot of money, I’d pay it. Human lives are priceless.

FV:   oh you’re so kind for this world xxxxx!

person 5:    ‎xxxxx if you pay the ransom, they will continue to kidnap people, the rate would in fact increase.  No negotiations with terrorists.

person 6:   I’d find Rothschild’s underground gold vaults and give it all away. It would be more than enough to meet every single person for a life time.

person 5:   These criminals don’t just want a little money they want it all.

person 6:   They need to go inter breed with the Rothschild’s. Money can’t buy happiness. Just more greed.

person 7:   Sorry – I didnt see this earlier… My prayers are with him for his safe return, inshallah…..;

FV:   Thanks

person 8:    Omg 😦

person 9:   so where are we standing now? any update? can we spread the news and what news can we spread?

person 10:   omg these motherf…

person 11:   you pay it , kill them, then take the money back.

V:   The assholes did not call till now… They are manipulating the family nerves… The police told them that due to mobile coverage they are moving him to different villages around Aleppo where the Ker army exists … Just cross your fingers and pray for his safe return.

person 11:   Hang in their xxxx everything is going to be ok, they are just money hungry bastards.

person 9:   We’re praying for you  xxxx & for your father, hope God listens to our prayers, trust me it’s very sincere

Another innocent family, the victim of these animals. The same animals that Hilary Clinton and Freedom House is funding. Hilary you have blood on your hands if anything happens to this man. You should be arrested for the war crimes of every single innocent victim that you have killed in Syria. Just like your terrorist army, you blame it on Bashar Al Assad when the truth of the matter is, that you are the killer. You will go down in history as the evil warmonger that you are. Every statement and threat you have made against Bashar Al Assad will haunt you forever, once the truth is out.


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